About us

About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


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Our story

We have started our YouTube channel in the year 2018. That channel was about vines and we have received huge response from the viewers. Our Background is From Information Technology. So, we have decided to launch something new so that viewers can learn from us also.

From March 2020, We start our Blogging from blogger.com. The name of that blogger website was tech knock but we were unable to find the domain name of it so we have to choose any other Company name for our website. A name which simply describes its uniqueness. So finally we have decided to omit the tech word from our Company name because with tech name there are a lot of website available also.

About Knock Skill

Knock Skill | Ankesh RajKnock Skill – Knock Your Technical Skill, is a blog website with URL “https://knockskill.com” for information gaining and knowledge enhancement related to technologies. In this current world, everybody should have enough knowledge to deal with technology. Because according to the current scenario, If you don’t have the technical knowledge then you are a digital dump.

Our vision is to spread the technical knowledge to everyone in very easy English language and in very easy steps so that anybody can read and implement without having any difficulties. This page is designed in such a way to interact with a maximum number of people whose interests are “Technology“. Knock Skill is a platform for those also whose English is not good enough, Our Blogs is written in very easy English language and with proper heading and subheading so that readers can go through the topics that only they wanted to be.

-Ankesh Raj