what is cryptocurrency

What is Cryptocurrency? | History of Bitcoin | How to Invest?

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the digital or practical currency that uses cryptography for protection. The cryptocurrency is tricky to fake because of its safety characteristics. Some cryptocurrencies are decentralized systems using blockchain technology, a distributed ledger imposed by the different systems of computers. 

The defining characteristic of the cryptocurrency, and arguably its biggest attraction, is its essential world; it is not released by any central agency, rendering it theoretically resistant to government interference or manipulation.

Blockchain is the field running in the center investing in all the common cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoins, etc. It has been grabbing the imaginations of the masses and made them that fact to dream huge. 

Having stated that it turns even more valuable for developer people and all tech entrepreneurs that they do responsibly to confirm that ambitions of billions are made the correct wing so that they can fly with more enthusiasm and with a sense of security.

The Current State of the Cryptocurrencies Community.

Pretty much in keeping with their views on individual liberty, Taiwan has banned cryptocurrency exchanges while USSR has been openly speaking about this chance of making its own state-controlled cryptocurrency In April 2016; Japan recognized Bitcoin as the legitimate tender; and the currency is now had In over 260 000 shops in the country.

 Nigeria already has the office set up to fight crypto scams, with its authorities strongly behind all initiatives to help provide the opportunities represented by this field.

The governments of Ukraine, Estonia, Denmark, and countless others are embracing this technology in many projects, including land control; recognition schemes, and humanitarian assistance.

In the time, crypto currency would be the single Internationally accepted and used currency. But before this happens all government and individual cryptocurrency experiments can go until it grows based on Tangible belief. In order to tell this current model of Tangible certainty new paradigms on economics, wealth and administration Pretty need to be explained first. The Commerce System, governing structure, and Financial structure include the three parts of what can be defined henceforth as the ‘economic System’.

What is Bitcoin and How it is mined?

what is bitcoin

This initial cryptocurrency Bitcoin — fell into existence in 2008 At this moment, no one had any particular interest in Bitcoin apart from the select few developers. Bitcoin used powerful cryptographic cryptography to make these transactions safer, created the users’ Identities pseudo-anonymous, and made use of this application called ‘Blockchain’

This investing at Bitcoin turned out to be The “Money-Maker” in 2018. That is what most the people can think it for. From the weak viewpoint what’s significant is this blockchain field behind every cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is a safe, distributed means of storing information Nodes (referred to as blocks) are linked to one another in the chain which produces the self-managed system. 

Since any transaction wants to be confirmed by some stops, there’s hardly any possibility to delete or change what has been made through this blockchain This seems Iike a huge opportunity for the whole business sector.

How Does Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) Got its Value?

Bitcoins are set in the world as an endless amount of bitcoins can make the value of the cryptocurrency. The makers of bitcoin have just produced 21 million bitcoins. Bitcoin will be divided into very little fractions. 

This implies that bitcoin will sustain its powerful amount with ease and production power is scheduled to halve in every four years; This further guarantees the value of bitcoin is not lost.

Bitcoins may be created by production or bitcoin-miner_ At earlier times, It was still likely to make bitcoins from this PC but today, expensive ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit chips) machines are needed that are only designed to create bitcoins with the best efficiency.

 Yet, these machines drain a lot of strength. Every bitcoin transaction uses enough energy to power three normal houses for the entire time_he economic system makes it possible for humans to get together and develop as a country.

what is cryptocurrency?

Some of the Top-Performing Cryptocurrency

As we common people were unaware of this huge and exciting technology many of the geeks were keeping their eyes on this blockchain process of developing digital currencies. 

Ripple and Ethereum are the two nearest developed cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin. We might have thought the idea of digital currencies a joke. Some of the developers really took it seriously and put their everything to make this dream come true.

It is hard to believe but even a joke/meme made over cryptocurrencies now covers the market cap of more than over a billion dollars i.e. Dogecoin.

Top-Performing Digital Currencies:

Bitcoin(BTC): One of the earliest cryptocurrencies which came into existence in 2008 is said to be developed by a guy named Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym) whose identity is still anonymous. Bitcoin is said to be the father of all cryptocurrencies as it gained huge popularity and currently covers a market cap of more than $700 billion.


Ethereum(ETH): Well the author of Ethereum has not been hiding and his name is Vitalik Buterin who introduced Ethereum in July 2015. After bitcoin, it is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world covering a market cap of more than $300 billion.


Binance coin(BNB): BNB started by the same name as the crypto-exchange platform Binance in 2017. Initially, it was transactional only for Binance users, but as it gained popularity by now, it is acceptable over various bigger platforms. Binance covers more than $60 billion of market cap.


Dogecoin(DGC): Started just as a meme, it is not as safe as Bitcoin but gained huge popularity as Tesla owner Elon Musk showed his curiosity in DGC and also said that he would accept DGC as a transactional digital currency. It was the best performing cryptocurrency in 2020. Right now it covers the market cap of more than $40 billion.


Polygon, Cardano, Ripple, Polkadot are amongst the top popular cryptocurrencies which you can look upon.

Platforms Where You Can Buy Cryptocurrency (Crypto-Exchange):

how to invest in cryptocurrency

Before buying a crypto-coin, a one but very important question is likely to come to one’s mind about the credibility of the coins. 

Well, you don’t have to worry about all that because there are various platforms that are likely to check the credibility of the coin before listing it in their arena and coins’ value just depends upon popularity, credibility, and demand. I present time in the USA these coins also get listed in NASDAQ under the coins section.

Some of the Famous Crypto Currencies Exchanges/Platforms:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • CoinSwitch Kuber
  • WazirX
  • CoinDCX
  • Unocoin
  • Crypto.com 

Views on Cryptocurrency:

The development of crypto-community induces the development of creativity, which in turn stimulates the development of productivity The process then launches the self-reinforcing reverse loop where the increase of productivity so induces the development of creativity, which in exchange stimulates the development of the community. 

In contrast, before the economic system was, the low innovation/low productivity tribal system was the largest possible set size humans would get together as. And as many are not accepting this new fashion as a payment method on the other hand lots of people are putting their faith in cryptos and seeing it as a sustainable form of money.

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