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install free ssl certificate

What is SSL Certificate/How to Install Free SSL Certificate?

If you have any Websites then you definitely know the Importance of SSL Certificate. And If you don’t then No Problem I will tell you about the SSL certificate and also the Importance of SSL certificate to any Websites. In this article, we are gonna tell you how to install a free SSL certificate so that you can optimize your budget for building any website and can run that without any difficulties. For SSL certificate free installation you have to follow some steps and you can easily install that in few minutes only. So, Before that, I will tell you about SSL Certificate(SSL cert).

(you can also read How to Hack Wi-Fi passwords.)

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate stands for Secure Sockets Layer Certificate that is a special kind of networking protocol that is designed for securing the connections over the Internet. In simple words for understanding, when you visit any website then you can see that before your website name there is a lock symbol appears just before the website name or prefix added with https where ‘s’ stands for a secure connection, for example, see below:

https ssl certificate

that insured that the webpage that you are visiting is secure from any phishing attack or any illegal content. When you visit any unsecured webpage then behind the website name you will see a prefix “Not secure” as shown below:

add ssl certificate

Then here comes the role of SSL Certificate. SSL Certificate is the digital Certificate given to the websites on which the access has gone secure without any hesitation. People are more likely to visit and spend time on secure websites than the insecure ones. For certify SSL the host platform on which the websites are hosted gives that certificate mostly but not free, they charged for giving the certificate to your website For India it is about Rs.800 or the US $11.98 for a lifetime(It may vary site by site).

How to Install a Free SSL Certificate?

You will install the SSL Certificate in just a few steps by following some steps and you will install it for free. Here I will tell you to step by step procedure to install the Free SSL Certificate.

  • Enter your Website name and click on “Create Free SSL Certificate”.
ssl certificate
  • Click on the Manual Verification (DNS Method).
free ssl certificate
  • Then click on “Manually Verify Domain” on the bottom of the page.
what is ssl certificate?
  • Go to your c panel of hosting platform(mine is hostinger.in)
how to add free ssl certificate
  • Go to DNS Zone Editor
Free SSL Certificate what is SSL Certificate
  • Step 7: There you will find a TXT sections,Click on Add New
  • Paste the value in TXT area of your hosting. (Put the value of TTL 300 instead of 1)
  • Repeat this process to add 2nd TXT record.
  • Click on Download SSL Certificate given below.
  • You are almost done. A page will be open then copy and paste each block from that website to your SSL section on your hosting panel.

From here (Certificate,Private Key,CA Bundle)

Paste to the SSL section under advance section in your c panel.

Then click on Install below that section. and the last Step is

Final Step

  • Click on Force Https. Finally, a free Certificate will be installed on your website and your websites come under the secure section.

(This certificate will be valid for 3 months only. You have to repeat this procedure after 3 months to continue the service. If you don’t have any investment issues then I will recommend you to buy it for your website for a lifetime. I hope This post would be able to fulfill your need regarding SSL free installation. )

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