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How to hack Wifi Password | Hack Wifi Passwords in just 3 simple steps

How to Hack Wifi Password?

The Internet is the most widespread network nowadays. Without internet, nobody in today’s world can imagine their life. we get suffocated when out data limit is reached or consumed to 100%. This articel is for Education purpose where you can learn how to hack wifi password in just 3 steps.

In this post, you will get to know about the steps used for “How to Hack WiFi password”. Imagine the internet what you are using will be free for you lifetime. Then it will add up more happiness for you. WiFi is very common nowadays for surfing internet.
But imagine you stuck in that area where WiFi network is available but you don’t know the WiFi(Wireless Fidelity) Password, then a thought comes in the mind that some miracles happen and I can Hack WiFi Password. 

Don’t go for any wifi password finder app or any other fake apps that claims to hack wifi password because they all just waste your time. Hacking wifi is possible with commands and that comes in Ethical Hacking 

There is such a huge amount of websites are available all over the world that if we visit 1000 websites a day then it will take more time than our lifespan. Sometime this trick will help you if you stuck across such a situation where you need WiFi passwords or someone has entered the password by themselves and you want to know that.

Beware of These Things on Internet (Wifi Hack)

Mainly the people searches on google for “wifi hacking”. They have a bad mindset that, there will be some existence of app, where you put your wifi router name and that will crack your wifi password for you. In Playstore, You can easily find variety of such app named with ” Wifi hacking app”, “online wifi hack“, “wifi hacker online“, “wifi password hack” or some of the name with “best wifi hacking app“.

 So just beware of these fake apps or website, it will not crack your wifi password, because Wifi hacking is not such easy. It requires many manipulation process and knowledge of different coding languages. Mainly Hackers prefer “Kali linux” for hacking purposes. So It will only ruins your precious time, and the data you spent on it.

If you want to learn proper hacking for education purpose then Join any Ethical Hacking Course and If it is certified with CEH then just go for that. 

You are just 3 Steps back for Wifi Hacking

wifi password hack

netsh wlan show profile name=”Your Wifi Name” key=clear

for example, if my wifi name is “OnePlus 7 Pro” then

online wifi hacking

( An Interface will Open and there you will find your password in Security Setting under Key Content.)

wifi hacker online

So here is a very simple trick to find your current as well as previously connected WiFi passwords. This article is for educational purposes so that you can learn about ethical hacking and you can safely make you safe from any outside attack. After reading this article, you can easily understand that If you were thinking that entering a password in any device will not let your password disclose then you are wrong. Enjoy and have fun.

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