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smartphone buying guide

One Plus 8 Series

One Plus 8 / 8 Pro Specifications

One plus has announced it’s One Plus 8 launch and the people can’t wait for the moment when this one Plus series will be available for sale. One Plus 8 has launched and available for the sell on amazon. You will find out the Prices of One Plus 8 for U.S.A and India below in this blog.
The variants of this 8 series are One Plus 8 and One Plus 8 Pro. There are three variants for OnePlus 8 such as One Plus 8 (6GB,128GB),OnePlus 8(8GB,128GB) and OnePlus 8(12GB,128GB). In this post, you will be able to know this Smartphone is worth or not for your budget and usage. Read the article till last for better understanding.

Why Buy One Plus 8?

oneplus 8 vs oneplus 8t
oneplus price in india

AFrom the last few years, especially from 5 or 6 years back, OnePlus has made its name as a  benchmark in the Industry of Smartphones because of its powerful performance. OnePlus has topped the list for the best Premium Smart Phones all over the world. OnePlus 6 made this happend for this company then OnePlus 7 series, both series have broken all the record of selling. Now the same expectation is from OnePlus 8 series which has recently launched.
Now, OnePlus has announced its mid-range smartphone for their users name One Plus Z which is going to launch very soon in mid of the july.

This is the Right Time to Buy !!

You can Purchase this Oneplus 8 (8GB + 128GB) onyx Black Model from Amazon.

oneplus 8

One Plus Z Specifications, Price, Launch Date. Read Here


  • The OnePlus 8 series has two new variants
  • Of the two, the OnePlus 8 Pro has quad cameras.
  • From 1% to 50% charging in just 22 minutes.
  • X55 dual-mode 5G
  • Wi-Fi 6 which is 270% faster than before
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • A+ rating from DisplayMate


  • Oneplus 8 (6GB,128GB) Rs 41,999
  • Oneplus 8 (8GB,128GB) Rs 44,999
  • Oneplus 8 (12GB,256GB) Rs 49,999
  • Oneplus 8 Pro(8GB,128GB) Rs 54,999
  • OnePlus 8 Pro(12GB,128GB) Rs 59,999
  • In the US, The Price of OnePlus 8(8GB,128GB)  is $US 699
  • In the US, The Price of OnePlus 8(12GB,128GB) is $US 799

Buy it If...

If You are Looking for high specifications with 5G Technology at a minimum cost which suits your budget , the OnePlus 8 is a great choice for it, which is going to be best among 5G smartphones, that can get especially pricey. You can Buy this OnePlus 8, if you are happy with this budget.

Don't Buy it If...

If you need a Better Premium zoom camera in your smartphone. The OnePlus 8’s camera is well defined in the day time, but it will lose its zoom capabilities. If you are looking for better telephoto smartphone, then try other brand.

If you wanna compare OnePlus 8 vs Apple iPhone SE2 (2020) editions

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