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smartphone buying guide

7 Ultimate Guide Before Buying a Smartphone

Are you doing the same mistake that 91% of the buyer does? Are you confused enough about which smartphone to buy? If you don’t want to waste your money and spend to buy a perfect one that matches your requirement then this Blog is just for you.
Most people have questions to ask when buying a perfect smartphone and also they don’t know how to buy a smartphone (smartphone guide) online that fits their requirements.

In this article, I am gonna tell you the ” 7 Ultimate Guide Before Buying a Smartphone ” you should know about which makes you able to compare smartphones and you will be able to choose that one which suits you. Also, what to check before buying a Smartphone online or offline. This Ultimate Smartphone Guide will help you to minimize your budget and maximize your functionality to enhance your user experience.

You Should Look these 7 Advantages of a Smartphone before Buying it

1. Processor

Snapdragon vs Exynos vs Mediatek of Smartphone

It is the Most Essential Part of the Smart Phones because It Handles the processing of the different Apps and operation within the phone. In general, Snapdragon is the most common and best processor in the middle and high range of smartphones. If You want to compare Snapdragon vs Exynos vs MediaTek which one is best for you then Click Here.

2. RAM

ram of a smartphone
ram of smartphone

If you are a gamer and like to play games like  PUBG or Call of Duty etc. Then a minimum of 6 GB RAM is best for you otherwise the minimum of 4 GB is also good for normal use and Processing. This category is very important for the smartphone buying guide.

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Camera of a Smartphone
smartphone camera

The camera is the most important part of the Smart Phones Specially Girls looking for its Camera first then processor or anything else. Nowadays a 3 or 4 camera is very common. So We should always look for the main Back camera Mega Pixel and then 2nd back Camera because In general, these 2 cameras are the most useable camera by the people. only 5% to 10 % of people use the 3rd or 4th camera. Then we should look for the Front Camera with Good Mega Pixel.


Guide for smartphone 2020

Most of the small range Smart Phones also provide 4000 mah to 6000 mah battery in their Smartphones. But always look their Battery Type i.e. Lithium-Ion(Lion) which is not so good in case of battery that is slow in charging and also battery backup is low. Always go for Lithium Polymer( LiPo) battery type which is good in charging and battery backup also.

5.Clock Speed

essay about smartphones
clock speed of smartphones

This feature is usually ignored by all the people because people don’t understand the value of it. Clock Speed enhances the processing of smartphones, It helps to boost the performance of the Smart Phones. Usually, 1.7 GHz to 2.0 GHz is good Clock speed for medium-range Smart Phones.

6. Number Of Cores (Optional)

smartphones disadvantages and advantages for guide on smartphone

This feature is optional because it matters for the gamers. As it comes in the variety of High range Smart Phones. Octa-Core is Cheap and Best core to buy in medium-range smartphones. If you need the best of all then go for the Hexa Core.

7.Resolution (Optional)

resolution of a smarphone

If you are looking for the Smart Phone in which Resolution matters for watching High Qualities Videos and Video Recording then QHD and Ultra HD quality are best to buy. Nowadays Display frequency is also there for high range Smart Phones. Like 90 Hz 120 Hz for Super Smooth Video quality.


So, If you go through these 7 points then surely you will able to find the best Smartphone which actually suits your requirements under your budget and you will know the necessary criteria for buying a Smartphone.

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