one plus vs samsung vs iphone

Apple vs Samsung vs Oneplus | Which One Is Better Premium Brand for Smart Phones?

Apple vs Samsung vs Oneplus

Apple vs Samsung vs Oneplus

Only 5-7% of people around the world opting for Premium SmartPhones especially in India above the range of Rs.30,000.There is a tough competition between these Smart Phones in between Apple vs Samsung vs Oneplus for the Flagship of No. 1 in India and the World.

Apple vs Samsung vs Oneplus

As it is a basic understanding nowadays, Apple is the king of smartphones and for a very long time. It comes under the expensive and advanced premium category. It’s every new Launch in India crosses the Lakh (1,00,000) which is very large in numbers among all the other Smartphones. Recently Apple iPhone 12 Officially Launched which is trending everywhere. Also, On the other hand, Samsung is giving tough competition with its android feature to Apple. There is really a though Competition in between Apple vs Samsung vs Oneplus

Samsung is also known for its manufacturing of various parts such as Processor and Mother Board even Apple is also using Processors manufactured by Samsung in all of their Smartphones. So now you can imagine, the flagship of Samsung and its existence in smartphone industries. And finally, we come on our last but not the least One Plus, which is a comparatively new Brand among these three. It is even not completed a decade in Smartphone Industries. At a good price, it provides very powerful and top-class functionality to its customers.

Apple vs Samsung vs Oneplus

If you are an iPhone user, then you can ask Siri or and Android user, then you can ask “ok google” that, which is the Top Premium Brand of the Smartphones among all. The answer will be the same Oneplus“. Even in 2019, One Plus 7 was listed as the World’s No.1 Premium Smart Phone.

Comparison Between Oneplus 8 vs iPhone SE 2
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Let’s Talk About their Main Highlights

Apple vs Samsung

1. Performance If we talk about the Speed Test and the Camera Quality, undoubtedly Apple ranked the list among all the smartphones. When comes to quality, Apple won all the quality test among these 3 smartphones because it doesn’t compromise with its powerful performance. On the other hand, Samsung is known as the king of Processor Manufacturing, Exynos is called. It is also an extremely fast processor compared with any other processor type. Samsung S series is very popular as S10 sells more than 12% unit than it’s S9. which is a very satisfactory result for any Product. It is also extremely fast and efficient in usage. In a medium-range category, One plus gives you the best powerful performance at the half price of Apple. One plus is launching its OnePlus Z which is a mid-range smartphone. As well as fewer prices than Samsung. In this budget, the camera quality and battery backup will impress you a lot. If you are friendly with the ios operating system and its budget doesn’t bother you then you should go for iPhone.  If you want to Know More about the types of Processor Click Here.

Samsung vs One Plus

2. Design In this section, Everbody knows it better that, Apple makes its design a trend in smartphone industries. With its every model it makes a trademark in design which becomes a trend. As for example, its Dual Camera design, Notch look, and again with its Triple camera design, it makes it’s model the trend for the back camera design. On the other hand, Samsung is also known for its Design. In the year 2008 Corbey design was very popular than Curve Design, which was first introduced in the S6 edge. Later on, Punch hole Camera and full-screen Infinity Display and so on. Recently, Samsung launched the foldable Smart Phone, So it also makes the revolutionary in Design. Samsung knows very well that how to attract the customer. And finally comes on One plus. which is emerging very fast with its every model. One plus comes in limelight after the successful launch of One Plus 6. The Brand Ambassador of Oneplus 6 was Amitabh Bacchan and that Smart Phone was the top-selling Smart Phone in that year and after it for one plus 7, it appoints its brand ambassador to Tony Stark(Iron Man). Because of its attractive Notch design and powerful performance. Apple ranked top among these Smart Phones.  

Apple vs One Plus

3. Price– It is not for discussion as all of us know very clearly that the iPhone is the most expensive smartphone in the world. It is now a trademark to showoff your status in your friends or community, while Samsung is also costly but not as much as the iPhone. One plus is quite less costly than among these two. If money doesn’t bother you then you go for apple also if you are compatible with ios. Otherwise, according to your need or choice, you can also opt from Samsung or Oneplus if you think of android.


  • If you are confused between Apple vs One plus then you should first compare apple XR vs One plus 8 Pro and according to your choice, you can opt between the apple XR vs one plus 8 Pro.
  • This only depends upon what you like the most ios or android.
  • If you are okay with any of these then in between apple XR vs one plus 8Pro then you should go for one plus 8 Pro.

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