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What is NFC? Uses of NFC in Android Mobile

About NFC

In this article, we gonna talk about the related topics of NFC such as What is NFC, NFC uses, how to use NFC, NFC applications, etc. The full form of NFC is Near Field Communication (NFC), which is the new technology introduced in Smart Phones. Many of the users are unaware of this technology, they simply ignore this option but you should know about the advantages and the disadvantage of using Near Field Communication.

uses of nfc

It is developed and introduced in the year September, 2011 in U.S. The First Smartphone was Nexus S over the wireless Sprint Network it was used. After its repeated uses, This Communication became so popular as nowadays it is the essential parts of all the smartphones. 

How NFC Helps in Transmission of Data?

It helps in the transmission of the Data between the two smartphones when phones are close enough(less than 5cm) then data transmission is quite easy in a very short span of time, On average it’s data transmission speed is (1.5GB/sec) depends upon the smartphones. Much more Faster than Share it or any other app.

nfc android

How to Choose a Better Smarphone?

Nowadays, people are very confused for choosing the right smartphone for their use. They don’t have so much time to research and choose a perfect smartphone that matches their requirements. Many of them also don’t know about the feature that are introduced in the latest smartphones. 

Here I will let you help to choose the best smartphone for your perfect requirement that helps to minimize your budget and maximize your user experience. If you want to know the 7 Major Highlights that you should search and compare in between smartphones to choose a better one then Read Here.

Where We can Use NFC and How?

It also helps for the payment to the merchant when the device brings close to it in a very easy and efficient manner the payment is done(Only NFC enable payment machine). 

Disadvantages of it

Let’s talk about the disadvantage of it, In recent news, a hacker found some bugs in the Near Field Communication section and attack through the loopholes into the smartphones and easily can access data. After it, Android has worked upon this loophole to fix it, and later on, it was fixed so that the attacker won’t able to find the loophole from where they enter into any smartphone resources and use it. So it is proper advice to all of you to switch your Near Field Communication option off when not in use, only use whenever you need to use it.


Hope in this article, you get enough information with all the basics. It is recommended to use only whenever its uses are necessary. Avoid using it or turn it off when not in use. Follow our Social Media Handles to stay updated about each of the Technical News and Tricks.

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