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Off page Seo Techniques

Off Page SEO Techniques

Introduction to OFF PAGE SEO

Off-Page SEO is very essential for any website to grow its traffic and authority. without Off-page SEO no one can build a great audience and great authority in google search results. 

In other words, Off Page SEO is the kind of SEO technique which is not to be done on your content but outside your blog post that is responsible for top ranking in the search result. 

Before Discussing Off Page SEO Technique, I would like to go through the basic points that you should know before knowing OF SEO Techniques.  

off page seo

what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, it simply means when we search anything in Search Engine(Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) then what comes in top of the list is based upon SEO. It simply helps any website to rank on the top by using some keyword and other factors. If you want to know more about SEO, then click on the link below.

Methods of SEO

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

In this Article, we will discuss about Off-Page SEO Techniques, and also how does it works?

Off-Page SEO Techniques

It is the type of Technique in which People use to create more ways to promote their own website. The purpose of that is to gain traffic to the website with the help of different platforms. Only by doing On-Page SEO is not enough to gain your website traffic. You should also have to do Off page SEO so that more the traffic will drive to your website. Generally, Bloggers are doing these methods to promote their blog post and drive the traffic to their blog post. You should also try these methods that are given below so that you can have good search result authority.

1. By Creating Backlinks It is the most preferable methods by the blogger to promote its website. In this method, your website links are promoted by any other popular website by which the traffic through that website will come to you without doing any difficult stuff. Your Website links are mentioned within their post and encourage people to visit it for any specific content which your blog content is about. Google gives High authorities to those websites which Have more Backlinks.  

2. Social Media Shout outs  It is the other most popular method in which creating a page, especially on Facebook and promotion. That page will get attention and bring the audience to your page.  

3. Social Shares It is the third method in which your post consists of the sharing option to WhatsApp or Facebook. By which your friends get to know about your post and they come to your websites and gain your traffic.    

4. E-mail Marketing This technique is so much popular nowadays. Bloggers and other website’s author use this method to target directly to their customers. This technique is so much effective and people are mostly like to respond on this emails because this is the most preferable method to target your audience directly.

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