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What is a Programming Language? Top 10 Best Programming Language to learn in 2023

Top 10 Programming Language to Learn in 2020

The computer is our Present and obviously our future. Day-by-day our work is getting based on Computer and Technology and Computer Operates its functionality by its Code/Program. Before going into the depth we should know about what is a programming language?

The definition of a programming language is quite simple, The computer needs a specific language to follow the human command upon which it executes. Human writes code to manipulate its instruction to execute for achieving its result. So it is very essential to know the basics of Programming Language and especially such Trending Top 10 Programming Language in 2020 to learn. Here I am gonna tell you the examples of Programming Languages you should learn for better career opportunities. Here we go,

1.Python Programming Language

Python programming language course

It is an open-source programming language. Python Based software also uses Google. It is most easy to learn and it is the most desired language to learn in 2020 that’s why it is in the Top 10 Programming Language. The average Package offered is  $ 120,000/annum.

2.Java Programming Language

java programming language course

It is very popular and one of the old and best programming languages which are in the trend for many years. Java is used in more than 1 Billion Devices. Still, it is in use to develop many new languages and Programs.
The average Package offered is $ 115,000/annum. 


programming languages 2020

 It is the Language for the Web Developers. This is used to make websites. It allows you to open many opportunities for Jobs.
The average Package offered is $ 112,000/annum. 

4.C and C++

c and c++ programming language

These two Languages is known as the God of all the programming languages. It rules 20% of the coding world. If you want an introduction to programming languages then learn these languages first to get the best concept if you are a beginner in the coding world.

Data Abstraction in C++

The average Package offered is $114,000/annum.


computer programming language for beginners

It is developed by the TechGaint and Google itself which can be used for Machine Learning to Web Development. It has many best frameworks in it.

The Average Package offered is $170,000/annum.


short note on computer language

The General use for this is for Statistical Analysis and Data Science that has cross-platform compatibility. It has the ability to create Web Applications. Many companies such as Facebook, Google, and twitter looking for the employer of such a language programmer.

The average Package offered is $121,000/annum.


programming language latest

It has Interoperability with Java and also having Android Studio Support. Spring Framework is the most popular and used Framework which is made by Kotlin.       

The average Package offered is $ 120,000/annum. 


programming language types

It is a simple object-oriented programming language, which is lightning fast and used with the .net framework. It is used to build windows Applications.

The average Package offered is $78,000/annum.


programming language of computers

It is a blocked structured programming language that has better readability with a better speed. The General use of this language is for Application Development. Amazon, Walmart, and Apple are the higher requiter for this language.

The average Package offered is $ 125,000/annum.


levels of programming language

Approx Top 10 Million Social Websites have been built in PHP. It is very fast and platform-independent. Companies like Oracle, HCL, Motorola are hiring programmers for their company.

The average Package offered is $ 102,000/annum.  


If you are a total beginner and want to start learning a programming language and you don’t know about which programming language should I learn? Then I suggest you start with C and C++ programming languages which are the most basic and easy programming languages. These two are the Best Computer Programming Languages for Beginners to start with.

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