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What is a Blog? A Complete Guide on Blog, Blogger, and Blogging.

What is a Blog ?

What is a Blog ?  So let’s start with Blog definition. Blog word came from Web Log. For better understanding, you can assume a Blog is a type of website of any specific Content. For example, This article which you are reading now is a blog.

I write Blogs upon Technical Content, Below my other blog link is given, you can check it out for better consideration. Many People have their habit of writing dairies to express their views or thoughts.

But nowadays when we are moving toward the digital world the same digital writing concept is known as Blogs but many of us still don’t know What is a Blog? clearly. Blogs are written for many purposes. It can be on multiple topics such as for Food Blogs, Technical Blogs, News Blogs, etc.

Who is a Blogger ? Blogger meaning is nothing else, the creator of the blog posts. Who used to write that particular content and upload it over the internet on his own website on a regular basis is known as Blogger. Hence the whole process of writing Blogs and uploading over the internet, where your blogs can be visible to everyone knows as Blogging.


For example, If someone has an interest in the poem writing then they can write the poem in his Blog. For Blog writing a website is the most essential thing. As it is the intermedium via which your blogs can be visible over the internet, where people can come and read your blogs. You already know How Popular is Blogging. Later on in this blog, You will read about how to start a blog? how to make a website, create a blog, earn money from blogging, etc.

The Real Truth Behind Social Media

Why Blog Writing is Important?


  • It is a better career opportunity as an alternative job.
  • For Digital Marketing (advertisement purposes) in minimum budget maximum results.
  • For sharing views or ideas globally.
  • They can do Blogging anytime, anywhere with one or more people from across the world.


wordpress vs blogger

Terms Used In Blogging

  • Niche – It is just a category or a topic, your blogs is all about. Like, Technical niche, travel niche, food niche, etc.
  • Traffic – The people come to your blog or website to read your article are known as traffic in Blogging. The more traffic you have, the more money you can earn.
  • Domain – Generally, with any website you noticed (.com/.in/.org ) with it, it is known as Domain.
  • Keywords – Keywords are nothing else just a single word or a combination of two or three words upon which the user searches for particular content. If you have to search for nearby restaurants on google, then a “nearby restaurants” is a keyword.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, which is a very very important part of any Blog. It helps to rank your Blogs in the top rank for the google search results. If your blog comes on the first page of google then more traffic will come to your blogs.
  • Google AdWord – Google is famous for Ads service over the internet. It allows the Advertiser to give their product’s ads for publishing over the internet on behalf of a good amount.
  • Google AdSense – It is for the Bloggers, who want to show ads on their blogs/websites. They come and register on it for which they get paid for displaying Ads. If you want to know Requirements of AdSense then Read this ” How to Apply for Google AdSense Approval?”
  • Backlinks – Google Highly recommends Backlink to uplift any blogs. Backlinks are nothing just the URL of your website or webpage in some other’s Content. If you take Backlinks from a high Authority Website then higher your Website Authority will increases. Read here If you don’t know How to Create Backlinks for your Blogs?

Purpose For Blogging

Nowadays Blogging is very popular because it is one of the best alternative career options. Because you don’t need any specific workplace or specific time period to do that. You can also do Blogging From your Smartphone or Laptop. You only need to know how to make a blog ?

You can make your team also from a different region of the world. So it is very important to know what is a Blog ? Some of the highlights are mentioned below for the purpose of blogging.

  • For sharing views/ideas on specific content. As for example (Poem, Story, Smartphone Reviews, Any Online Course, etc.)
  • For Advertisement Purpose. As for example (If you write a Smartphone Review about any specific product then you can earn from the ads of the smartphone on your blog post.)

Requirements to Start a Blog

  • You should have your own website via which your content can be shown on the internet.
  • If you have your own Pc/Laptop then it is very good otherwise you can also do blogging from your smartphone.
  • You should have your own specific niche upon which your all blogs are relatable.

How to Start Your Own Blogging?

Before proceeding further you should know, what is a blog? There are many Blogging Platforms by which you can start your own blogging. For Blogging, you have to set up your own website first. So, Blogger is very famous for Blogging, especially for beginners.

Blogger is a free platform where you can start your blogging without any investment. Blogger is a child company of Google.com that’s why it is very popular. Google allows you to do free blogging and you can write your own blog post with the help of free Google tools. But many of you wants to know, What is meant by Blog writing?
Here, I will tell you how to start a blog for Free and how to make your own website ?

 Follow the steps to Write your first Blog.

  • You have to visit blogger.com (blogger) where you have to sign up.
  • After successfully signed up, it will ask you to provide your blog name as I have decided my name is New Blogger :

Display Box where Your Blogger profile name is asked like this for your blog post dashboard.

  • After that click on Continue to Blogger. Then it will ask you to put your website’s name where all your blogs post will be visible. So here, I am gonna put “mytechknock”. But an additional “.blogspot” will be added from blogger to my website name as:

Put Your website name where your blogs will be upload.

  • After that click on, create blog! then here you go:

Blogger dashboard from where you can write your first blog.

  • For writing your first blog, click on New post above there. A new window will open where you can write your blog as:

Blogger's Writing Area where you can write your blogs.

  • Remember to give your Post Title above and Your content should be good enough and after It, click on Publish on the above right corner.
  • Now your First blog will be published on your website as mine on “mytechknock.blogspot.com”.

How to Earn Money From Blogging?

For earning, you have to write some blogs in starting after that these are the ways by which you can earn from blogging if your concept is clear about what is a blog? :

  • You have to apply for Google AdSense to link your account so that Google will display the ads on your website. The more traffic to your website the more earning you will get.
  • Affiliate Marketing- In this you have to register for it. After that, you have to put their products link on your website or blogs. So when any viewer goes through that link and buys that product then a commission will be given to you for that.
  • If you write reviews for any Organization, company, or product then on behalf of their publicity you can charge amount for that.
  • You can also publish your own business online for that you charge from them as for example, online paid course, Book selling, product selling, etc.
  • Now a days Vlogging is also very popular where people makes videos and upload it on Internet. This is also very popular as Blogging. Check here Blogging vs Vlogging.

Is Blogging Worth in 2023?

As we are moving in a digital world, people are more often used to watching videos over reading the content. It is true that YouTube has made an impact on the audience but still, If I talk about India then among 125 crores people, there are different mindset and interest of the person, hence you don’t have to worry about the audience. 

Same like every person has smartphones and OTT in their phones instead of that they used to watch movies in the cinema hall. You keep learning and try to make your content creative and informative. That’s the key point. 

Bonus Advice

When you go through Blogging then there are so many new things that will come that will enhance your traffic for that I will cover in other blogs. This blog is basically to give you concept about what is a blog? Here some of my advice is for all the beginners on the basis of my own blogging experience.

  • Be consistent in blogging, It takes time to achieve a certain point of earning for that you have to regularly post blogs for a few months.
  • After a few blogs, you will have a good concept at all. Try to purchase your own domain(.com) so as to remove “.blogspot” from your website name. Because a short website name is easier to memorize.
  • if you buy your own domain then you can use “WordPress” which allows you to write more effective and better blogs which enhances the traffic. You can also read Blogger vs WordPress.
  • Write your Article with “keywords Research”. It means research before writing your blogs for which keywords the audience is looking for. If your Blogs do not contain the better keywords then traffic will not reach your website.
  • For keyword research, go for the free and most effective tool “Ubersuggest“.This will help you to suggest better keywords for your blogs.

If you have any doubts regarding, What is Blog ? What is Blogger, and Blogging then you can comment below and ask frequently? If you have any doubt regarding how to start a blog or how to create a website then you can simply comment below.

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