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What is Podcasting? |How to Start Podcasting In India?

What is Podcasting and Meaning of a Podcast?

Podcasting word comes from the combination of the two individual words, iPod and Broadcasting. The meaning of podcasting can be explained as Podcasting is a free service where creators upload their content about any specific topic in the form of Audio. In this, the Audio is generally in the form of Mp3. 

Podcasting is very famous in the U.S. but gradually it becomes popular in India also. In Podcasting, you can create your episodes in any category and you can also earn with podcasting as much as it becomes popular. It is very popular for those who used to listen more. For your better understanding let consider “Mann Ki Baat BY P.M.” as an example of Podcast. 

But later down in this article, you will find out what exactly Podcast is and What is similar to podcasts but that is not considered as Podcasting.

Examples of Podcasts

Podcasting is the new Blogging
– Seth Godin


History of Podcasting

It is very difficult to make it understand for any newbie, who has never listen to any of the podcasts. For better understanding, people assume that podcast is like the internet radio where we can select the shows and can hear it but this is not all true.


Whether you hear an audio file over the Internet is not a Podcast and also a slide show with audio is not considered as Podcast. Then what exactly is Podcast? The answer you will find below.


The podcast was invented in the year 2004 by Dave Winer and Adam Curry. The first podcast that was ever broadcast was ‘ The Daily Source by Adam Curry ‘.

history of podcasting

What Is Not A Podcast?

  • YouTube videos can not be considered as Podcasts (with slideshows or blank screen also).
  • Live Streaming Audio will also not considered as Podcasts.
  • An e-mail with an attached audio file is also not a podcast.
  • In any website, when you play any audio file or media is also not a podcast.
A Podcast is not considered as a Podcast until it is delivered by RSS Feed

Requirements to Start Podcasting

  • Like Blogging, You have to Research upon Proper Niche and Name.
  • Build a Proper Cover Image that represents your Brand as a logo.
  • In Podcasting, you need to have your own unique Intro and Outro music.
  • You have to get proper Podcasting Equipment like Mic, Audio Recorder, Software, etc.
  • Like Blogging, You also need a hosting where you can upload your Podcasts.
  • Record Your First Podcast.
  • Upload it to your hosting server.
  • Publish it to the Google podcast, iTunes, etc.
  • Final Step it to Promote your Podcast to reach more people.

Where You Can Publish Your First Podcast?

There are many Hosting provider that may help you to publish your podcasts.

There are many Free and Paid Hosting Providers who give you hosting to upload your podcasts. Some of them are mentioned below you can check it out if you want to take podcasting hosting.

When you successfully upload your podcast then you will be provided a RSS link that you can share through anywhere and people used to start to listen your podcasts.

To make your podcast’s reach wider you should submit it to the different sources available too.

Submit your podcast to :

  • iTunes
  • Google Podcasts
  • Sticher
  • Sound Cloud
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Types of Podcasts

Audio Podcasts

Video Podcasts

Enhanced Podcasts

Podcast Novels

PDF/ ePub Podcasts

Tips For Create a Better Podcasting

  • Make your Podcast Title more catchy and rememberable. 
  • Make an Interesting Podcast that makes your listeners to interact with your podcast.
  • Invite Guest to the Podcast. When you talk to your guest (especially famous one) in your podcast that sounds interesting for the listener.
  • Try to make your podcasts Funny.
  •  Share it to social medias.

Blogging Vs Podcasting

These two Platforms are very popular as the alternative passive source of income. Podcasting is very new in comparison with Blogging in India. People who think they are very late for YouTube and Blogging. They must try Podcasting for their carrier Building. Below I am giving you the Major differences of both the Platforms:


  • In Blogging, you should have the technical knowledge. such as SEO, Hosting, Professional Content Writing and many more.
  • Blogging is so much popular so that you can find much huge competition in this field.
  • In terms of Earnings, both the Platform is very good but revenue generated by google ads in blogging is quite low than Podcasting.
  • Blogging can be done Free but without investment, you will not get good results such as Keyword Research Tools, Hosting, domain, etc.


  • In Podcasting, you don’t need much technical knowledge. You should have the Art of Speaking and the knowledge of Audio Software.
  • Podcasting is very new and it is becoming popular worldwide with low competition.
  • The Ads Rate in Podcasting is very high. Investors are investing a good amount for advertisement so you can earn huge revenue per 1000 listeners.
  • In this field, you have to invest at starting only after that you don’t have to invest a lot as like blogging.
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If you are confused enough in between Blogging and Podcasting and if you are comfortable with both fo the platforms then in my suggestion you should try both of the platforms. Both have their unique audience so you can make your unique visitors from both of the platforms also in terms of Earning.

Hope you like this article, If you have any of the doubts then you can ask by commenting below.

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