5 Blogging vs Vlogging (YouTube) Differences. Which one is Best for Money Making?

Blogging vs Vlogging

Are You Confused enough to choose in between Blogging vs Vlogging that which platform you should choose to make more money? Don’t you have enough knowledge about Blogging or Vlogging?

Both the platform is the best alternative source of passive income these days. Advertisers use these platforms to advertise their products and enhance their Sell. These two platforms have much large potential to influence people about any topic or product. Whether you choose to be a Blogger or Vlogger, You will earn a good amount of money but you have to understand the pros and cons of both the platforms. Most of the beginners make these mistakes to choose the right platform for them and end up quitting it…

In this article, I will tell you not only the good side of both the platforms but also the drawbacks of these platforms where 91% of the beginners do the same mistake while doing in between blogging vs vlogging.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about what is a Blog, Blogger, and Blogging. Read the Below Article first and then Resume from here..

How to Start a Blog?

Benefits of Vlogging

In Vlogging, the sharing of any kind of information in a video format without writing anything comes under Vlogging. Vlogging is so much popular these days because people nowadays used to watch more instead of reading something. Vloggers may be of different categories such as Food Vlogger, Travel Vlogger, etc.

There are a lot of benefits of vlogging, in this platform, you don’t need any professional content writing skills, SEO, Hosting and Domain knowledge, keyword Research, etc. You can find many Vloggers on YouTube who don’t have good English knowledge but they only know how to give speeches on camera. So Vlogging is a much more Easy Platform to start if you don’t have much more knowledge and time to learn a lot of these types. You can shoot your video and upload it on YouTube and you can start gaining views from the first day.

If you don’t know how to create a YouTube Channel to Optimize more views/traffic to your channel. Read the article below.

How to Create a YouTube Channel?

Tanya khanijow A travel Vlogger

She is a travel Vlogger and very much popular in India. You can play this video and watch her opinion on blogging and vlogging so you can have some idea what should you start with?

vlogger vs blogger

7 Advantages and Distadvantages of Social Media

According to a Report, 43% of Girls have Faced Cyber Bullying in her life. Here you will read the major impacts of social media.

blogging vs vlogging money

Strategy To Build High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are very important to grow your website authority. Without it you will never grow your website ranking on google.

blogger vs vlogger

WordPress vs Blogger. Which Platforms is Best?

If you are a beginner and don’t know about which platform is best for you for Blogging then you should read this article.

Drawbacks of Vlogging

If you want to do vlogging like professionals, then you have to buy a high-resolution Camera so that your content will have good quality that engages more peoples, especially if you a travel vlogger.

In Vlogging, if you have made any kind of error/mistake then you will not give the second chance to edit or make it correct. You only have to re-shoot the video or to delete it. In Blogging, You can edit your content again and again whenever you want and it will not impact your Traffic.

In this, You have Present well on camera with full of confidence. If you are not good on camera to give the perfect presentation then you will not able to engage the audience and next time they will not watch your vlogs.

Difference Between Vlogger and YouTuber

A Vlogger is a person who records their life event on a real basis for sharing some piece of information. Like Travel Vlogger who travels and shoot video of different places and publish it over the internet or Food Vlogger who makes different kinds of the recipe and shares it by making videos.

Whereas, YouTuber is called who create content and publish their videos on YouTube. Like BB ki Vines, Harsh Beniwal, Technical Guruji, etc. A Vlogger who uploads their Vlogs on YouTube on a regular basis can also refer as YouTubers.

Benefits of Blogging

In Blogging, you can express your knowledge in the form of writing. If you are good at writing and have enough technical skills then you can earn a large revenue from it. Blogging takes time to grow in comparison with Vlogging but when your website will grow then it will make more revenue then vlogging.

With Blogging, you can earn in many forms such as by affiliate marketing, by creating Backlinks or you can also sell your own products or Courses which will make huge revenue. Many of the Bloggers make millions in a month just by doing blogging.

If you are not comfortable on camera and want to create content by hiding or by doing your work on back-end then Blogging is best for you. In both of the fields, you will have to face the negative and bad comments, especially in your beginning. In Vlogging most of the beginners quit because of feeling the shame but in Blogging they don’t care much about it because their identity is not visible.


He is an Indian Blogger, he earns 7 million in a month by blogging. You can watch this video and can think about how this blogging platform is helpful to generate this huge revenue.

Drawbacks of Blogging

The Major Drawback of this platform is that you have to gain much knowledge about different technical kind of stuffs. Many little things will impact your traffic such as you have to know about SEO, Google Analytics to get insights of your website, Keyword Research to know the perfect low competitive keywords to gain traffic, etc.

 As a result of which, If you fail to do so then you will not get many visitors to your website no matter how much you have worked for your content. You have to post many blogs in your initial stage to make your website a high authority website that will able to rank your blogs on google’s top search result pages.

You also have to renew your hosting and domain every year which is the part of your investment. It takes more time to grow in comparison with Vlogging.

Is Vlogging Killing Blogging ?

The Answer is “NO“. Somehow it is true that because of vlogging, the impact is clearly visible on blogging but Blogging is still a good option and it is not going to shut down in future also. Like because of Movies the demand for books or novel is still high.

blogging vs vlogging

Blogging vs Vlogging In 2020


  • In Blogging, You can generate more revenue per 1000 views in comparison with Vlogging.
  • You need to have good technical knowledge such as Blogger, WordPress, SEO friendly Blogs, and much more Research.
  • If you are good with words, writing skills, then yes you should go for blogging for the long term.
  • Blogging needs a lot of patience, you have to give so much time to rank your website on google top search pages.
  • You don’t need to be consistent in this platform. Its good to be consistent but you can publish your blogs after a short span of time also.


  • In Vlogging, You can generate only less amount of revenue per 1000 views. 
  • Vlogging is best when you get more views. You don’t need much technical knowledge for this, you can shoot with your mobile also at the beginner level.
  • If you are good to express your views on the camera then you should opt for Vlogging for sure.
  • It also needs some patience but it will grow fast, if you become consistent and your content is engaging.
  • If you don’t post your vlogs regularly on a definite time interval then you will lose your subscriber and viewers easily.

Blogging vs Vlogging In Terms of Earning

Both of these are the trend in the market. Both have their own audience. When we talk about the advertiser then yes they prefer Vlogs more than Blogs but there is also a drawback of in vlogging. But there is a though competition between Blogger vs Vlogger in 2020.

YouTube provides ads to those channels only which are applicable for their monetization policy. For YouTube Monetization your channel have to cross 10000 total views, 1000 subscriber and 4000+ watch hour on total videos. That’s a though for beginners and that can take more than 2-3 months when you post videos regularly. In blogging, you can take Ad Sense Approval just after 15-20 blogs post which can take hardly 1 month.


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