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What is a Content Management System(CMS)? Why Do You Need a CMS

Content management system

What is a Content Management System?

The definition of a Content Management System or CMS is a system that allows users to create digital content that will be published on the Internet in the form of Web pages. Below the detailed explanations are given that will help you to clear your concept about Content Management System or CMS.


Introduction to the Content Management System (CMS)

The definition of the Content Management System is given above, For better understanding, I will tell you about CMS. It is a platform where users are able to create their content that will be published over the internet in the form of web pages. CMS allows users to create, edit, or customize the content in a better way that will enhance the readability of the visitors. Without CMS, Nobody can create or edit the content and publish it on the Internet.

In other words, CMS provides a system to create and publish the content over the internet by providing different tools and Interface. Even for publishing this article, I need a CMS platform where I can Create my content and customize it before publishing it on the Internet. 

types of cms (content management system)
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Some of the CMS that are widely used

Types Of Content Management Systems (CMS)

As it is clear from its name and this system of Content management. This kind of CMS manages content at the component level. In this, each component is individual and doesn’t depend or link with any other content. As for example Images, Product Descriptions, Procedures, etc.

This Content Management System provides us a way to Create, Modify, Store, Retrieve, and manage the documents. If more than one users are there and they individually want to create different versions of any record, then it can be done by this CMS system. History Tracking is also done by this System.

This system is helpful in Business to increase productivity. This management is a systematic collection which helps to collect any organization’s documents such as excel sheets, pdf file, etc and made it accessible to the right source for using it.

It is a very essential kind of Content Management system. It is a software Content Management Systems which is very helpful for creating the content of the website. It helps the creator to build Engaging or attractive content without having much more knowledge of the codes such as HTML or CSS.

This is also a very essential kind of CMS. As from the name of its Digital Asset Management System, It makes the Digital Content as the Asset. Everyone using the media in the content such as Images, Videos, etc which shows the uniqueness of it. DAM is very helpful to make your Asset Copyrighted so that no other can use it as their own property.

Examples of Content Management Systems

About 35%-40% of the total Website on the Internet, is created on WordPress. So you can imagine how big this platform is for content writing. WordPress is so famous because of its Easy Interface and also you don’t need any coding knowledge for it.

Before WordPress, For Creating a Web page, Admin has to spend a full day or two for it. After the implementation of WordPress, the same piece of work is done in 30 minutes. It is beginners friendly, which is easy to understand for the beginners and they can easily implement it and can customize their web page in a more attractive way. If you want to know more about WordPress Click Here.

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After WordPress, Joomla is widely used by the Creators as the Content Management System. If you have enough content on your Website and want to handle it properly then you should move towards Joomla CMS.

If you want to create an E-commerce Website or a News Portal then WordPress is not able to handle that. For these purposes, Joomla is the best platform to use. It provides better content management and structure flexibility than WordPress. 


joomla cms (Component management system)

Drupal is an Advanced level CMS, which requires additional coding knowledge like CSS, HTML, etc to Enhance your website functionality. With Drupal, you can create much fast and dynamic web pages that can handle large Contents and Structures on your website. It provides an advanced level of Security features than any of the other CMS.

Especially, Drupal is used for creating the News portal website. Most of the news portal website is made with Drupal CMS all over the world. In comparison with WordPress and Joomla, Drupal is not much widely used by the creators because it is difficult to use for creating content.

drupal cms

ExpressionEngine CMS is a very flexible CMS. It can be used to create different types of Website such as E-commerce, Blogging, News Portal, etc. It is not Beginners Friendly.

Unlike WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. ExpressionEngine is a paid CMS, you have to pay for using this Content Management System. The annual charges for Commercial use and for personal use is different.

Expression Engine CMS

There is a wide variety of CMS available in the market, These are the most used by the Creators to create their content for publishing or customizing.

Subscription Options

A subscription gives you 1 year of updates and support for Free.

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