Blogger vs WordPress for making money

WordPress vs Blogger | Every Beginner is Confused to Choose in 2023

WordPress Vs Blogger. Which Platform to Choose For Money Making?

Here In This Article, I am gonna tell you the difference between WordPress vs Blogger. Which One You should choose that enhances your website customization and more traffic. In this blog, you will know about the pros and cons of WordPress vs Blogger.

This Blog post will cover some basics also so that you will get all the terms related to blogging. If you want to get Blogging knowledge from Basic to Advance level then Click the Given link below and read first that blog and then continue from here.

If you have already basic knowledge about blogging then Read Below. I will also tell you the merits and demerits of using WordPress and Blogger.

What is Blogger And WordPress ?

These two platforms are widely used by Bloggers to post their blog posts. Below You will get to know about Each of these Platforms that which one is the most recommended by the professional bloggers for money making in 2020 (Blogger vs WordPress).


What is Blogger?

Blogger is a Free Platform whose Parent Company is Google. Blogger was introduced in the year 1999. This was very popular at that time and because of its popularity, Google owns it in the year 2003. If you don’t know What is a blog, How to write a blog, create a blog then you should read What is a Blog, Blogger, and Blogger?

 It is recommended to use this platform in the initial phase because of mainly two reasons:
1. If you don’t want any investment and try to learn about blogging first.
2. If you don’t have any idea about Hosting and domain then Blogger provides you Ready-made Platform for it.

blogger vs wordpress

It comes with a “. blogspot” sub-domain name with it. It means whatever you choose for your website name a “. blogspot” name will be added to it. For example, If You want to make your website name with “techxyz” then your complete website name will be “”. As Blogger is a child Company of Google so Google helps to index its blogger website automatically in its google search result pages (If you have done Proper SEO).

What is WordPress?

blogger and wordpress for money making

WordPress allows you to customize your website in almost every aspect, whatever you need. The best part of WordPress is that, you don’t need any coding knowledge. About 40 % of total websites in the world are built in WordPress. So you can easily understand the popularity level of it. WordPress is written in PHP language. WordPress also allows you to create a free account and host your website like a blogger. Its sub-domain “.wordpress” will be added to your final name of the website like “”. For example, If you plan to make a website with the name “techxyz” then your complete website name will be “”.

WordPress vs Blogger

  • There are more variety of themes available for you to better customize your website than blogger.
  • In WordPress, there are large varieties of  WordPress Plugins available that helps you in website management, speed-up your website, SEO, writing a blog, etc.
  • In Prospective with SEO, WordPress can be better optimized than the Blogger website.
  •  You can make the Better laptop as well as a Mobile Friendly website with it.
  • You have to renew your annual plans to continue your services.
  • You have to Request in the Google to index in google search results page.
  • In Blogger, There are Limited Themes are available to customize your website but you can upload themes from third-party websites.
  • There is no any kind of plugin support. You have to manage your website with yourself only and these websites are slower than WordPress ones.
  • In Prospective with SEO, the Blogger website is not much compatible to rank on google search.
  •  It is also mobile-friendly but not as much as the WordPress website.
  • You don’t need to renew your any plans with a blogger. It is valid for lifetime.
  • Blogger is a child company of google. So it will index it automatically on google search results.

Why Blogger is Widely Used by Beginners?

The first and main reason for opting Blogger by the beginners is that, it is a free platform where you can make your website for free and easily Publish it.
With Blogger you don’t have to worry about where you should have to purchase a domain and which hosting provider is best for you. You also don’t need to renew the annual subscription of your hosting and domain name with the Blogger website.

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 On the other hand,the WordPress website has to renew the yearly subscription of their domain and hosting to continue their services otherwise their website can be blocked.
The Interface of Blogger is quite easy like Ms-Word where you can write your article and publish that immediately. If you don’t have any idea about bloggers and also don’t know how to make a free website and publish it to the web so that anybody can see your blog post/article. Click Here 

Advantages of Choosing WordPress

WordPress is a website CMS (Content Management System) which means, it helps in building up a website with your desired content and gives a pretty good look as an interface. It doesn’t require any coding as it works on the concept of drag and drops on the front end. WordPress is beginners friendly, Its interface is very easy to understand and work upon it. 
For building up a Website in WordPress you have to do is purchase a domain name for you (.com/.net/.in etc.) and a hosting provider where your domain can be hosted so that it can be visible to the users. It required some investment at the start but also gives you many advantages in comparison with a blogger or a free website.

blogger vs wordpress

With WordPress, you can choose or even customize your theme for free. Also, you can add up many plugins that guide you to enhance the user engagements and gives your website a professional look which is very difficult in Blogger or any other free platform.
The Best Advantage of WordPress is its Plugins. Below some of the Plugins are mentioned that everybody should have on their WordPress website.

Which One Is The Best Platform For Money Making in 2021?

There is a myth or you can say the perception that with a free domain you are not going to earn money but that’s not true. With Blogspot sub-domain name or simply called free domain, you can generate a good amount of revenue from it.

Google Ad Sense and Other Ads alternative allow you to show their ads on your website. But Yes it may take more time to generate a good amount for you. Hope till now you have a great idea about Blogger vs WordPress.

wordpress vs blogger

Highlights For Blogger vs WordPress :

  • With blogspot domain name or any other free domain, your website browsing speed is not good enough. Because of that many users, not even visit your website and close the tab of your website.
  • Viewer gives most priority to the paid domain or called top-level domain (.com/.net/.org etc.) because their mindset is that these top-level domains consists of more relevant content than the free ones.
  • With WordPress you can optimize your content in many ways such as it can be SEO friendly, it can be fast and relevant by optimizing images, etc. As WordPress have a keyword research tool as a plugin.
  • There are many such plugins also available in WordPress by which you can view your Insights so that you can better understand your customer and content to work better upon it.
  • In Simple Words, More the Traffic and Engagements you have, Your domain authority (Quality of your website) will enhance, and also It takes less time for the approval from the Google Ad Sense and you can generate more revenue from your viewer’s engagements.
blogger vs wordpress

My Personal Suggestion For all the blogger especially for the beginners is that you can start with blogspot but after getting one-month blogging experience you should have your own paid domain upon which you can work. And Also you should work on WordPress. It will definitely increase your traffic and also the way you are writing your blogs for sure.

The Must Have WordPress Plugins

1. Yoast SEO – Most of you already knew about SEO, that how it is the main part for any website to rank and engage traffic to their website. Yoast SEO is a very famous plugin for WordPress website that guides the creator, how to optimize their On-Page SEO to build traffic to it. If you don’t know about What is SEO and how it is very-very essential for any kind of website to boost traffic/viewers then Read Here.

2. Elementor – This Plugin helps you to customize the web page of your blogs to look more attractive for the views that enhance the user’s interest to Engages more on your webpage.

3. AMP – This Plugin helps you to create a more fast and efficient website for mobile users. It is very easy to install and execute. This is one of the must-have plugins.

4. Smush – This Plugin helps in boosting the Website by compressing the image size and other high rated elements that obstacle the website performance. 

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