What’s the Easiest Way to Make Money Online in 2021?

Technology is getting vast day-by-day and with upgrading technology, people are getting more dependent and connected with it. Nowadays if anyone needs anything then they first check it out over the Internet. They look for the reviews and rating for it. The searching over the Internet gradually increases to the top. With the high demand for surfing over the Internet the higher opportunity increases. You can Earn Money in 2020 and with a certain strategy, you will get to know How to Make Money Online in 2021 also.

You have to be very consistent with online earning because you have to make a base for it. Nothing is easy in this Tech World, you have to learn all the basic concepts and demerits. In the current scenario, you have YouTube and Google that help you to explore more and enhance your knowledge for it. I Personally Assured that if you would consistent and use the perfect strategy then you will achieve it. Here some of the easiest ways to make money online in 2021 because now 2020 is going to end very soon.

make money online in 2021

Is it Possible to Make Money Online in 2021?

YES, it is possible to make money online and many of us have generated a huge amount of revenue online. There are a variety of ways to earn money online but you don’t need to follow that all at the same time. You have to very consistent at a specific platform and learn all the techniques thoroughly to get the results. 

It is a bitter truth that Most of the youth have tried to Earn Money online but they got failed because they want quick results and they don’t have patience. Everyone wants to know how to earn money fast in 2021 within a few days but that’s not possible unless you give your 100%.

You need to understand the basics and all the fundamentals to get expert and generate revenue. Don’t repeat the mistakes that 91% of the beginners do for earning money online as they end up thinking, all are fake!

In this article, I will tell you all the best ways to earn from home and also the consequences that you have to deal with in that journey of earning money online because it is not that easy as you think.

1. Make Money From Blogging

Blogging has started in 1997 by blogger.com. After 2 years it was owned by Google. The scope of Blogging is still at the top. You should know What is a Blog? before proceeding in this section otherwise, you will not understand it properly.

It is still the safest and best option to make money online in 2021 by Blogging. The scope of this platform is not going to end soon and it has a better future. With Blogging, you will have a different source of Earning as listed below:

  • Google AdSense This is the major source by which Bloggers generally earn money through. But For taking Google AdSense Approval is not that easy. Your Blog has to fulfill the required Criteria to Get Google AdSense Approval. When you got Google AdSense Approval then Google will Automatically Show Ads on your website. Through these Ads, you can generate Revenue. If you are already aware of this then you can understand it better.
  • Affiliate Marketing This source is too much popular for Blogger as well as Vlogger also. In this Marketing, you earn through Commission Basis where you have to register in Affiliate Programs. You will have your own unique link to the products and when anyone orders through that link then your commission will generate.
  • Selling of Backlinks This is now very popular these days. Blogging is Incomplete without Backlinking. If you have to build your high authority website then you must have High numbers of Backlinks with High Authority website. If your website has good traffic and authority then you can give anyone Backlink on behalf of money. Higher the Authority of your website more you will earn.
  • Guest Posting Guest Posting is very popular in blogging. It simply means you allow the audience or users to create articles/blogs for your website on a definite niche and in between that article the user can give their own backlink. Blogger needs backlinks from the high authority website and for that, they love to do guest posting to the high authority website for backlinks. If your website has enough traffic and authority then you can easily charge for each guest post from the user.

2. Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

I have already given a brief summary of Affiliate Marketing. It is the most recommended platform where you can generate huge revenue. You can earn multiple times more money than Google AdSense. In this Marketing Commission is very high and variant for different affiliate programs. Mostly Affiliate Marketing is done with the help of Blogging. If you want people to buy products through your link then you have to manipulate and convenience them. You have seen many product reviews blogs where specifications and reviews of any products are given.

Affiliate Programmers manipulate the visitors and allow them to click through their unique links. By this, they make money online and generate huge revenue. You can also make money online in 2021 and so on through it. Below I am suggesting you few Famous Affiliate Programs where you can register and share your own unique links to earn money online.

  • Amazon Affiliate Program – This Affiliate Program is very famous as most of the blogger has already generated money through this program. You have to simply go to google and search for an amazon affiliate program or amazon associate program there you can register with your own identity and for each different product, you are given a unique link through which you can earn if someone buys through it.
  • Web Hosting Affiliate Program – Thousands of websites are created every day. Each website has to be hosted on a Server. It simply means the requirement of hosting is very very important. You can Register to any popular Web Hosting Affiliate Program such as Bluehost, Hostinger, SiteGround, GoDaddy, etc. If anyone purchases hosting through your link then an affiliate commission will be generated for you. This Affiliate Programming is also very popular and Highly Competitive.
  • Course Selling Affiliate Program – Now people and students are more engaged with online earning. People are purchasing online courses at a cheap price. You can sell Different Online Courses through your link such as Digital Marketing, Programming, Web Development, etc. If anyone purchases that course then you get a handsome commission for it. For that, you have to search online and talk with the Course Promoter.

3. Earn Money From YouTube

You are already aware of this platform. In this platform, you have to Create a YouTube Channel and then you have to publish videos on your channel. After certain Threshold, your Google AdSense will Approve then your channel will automatically show ads on it by which your earning will be done. YouTube Channel is also Popular for Vlogging where people share their day to day content of their personal life.

Many of us are still confused in between ( Blogging vs Vlogging Money ) that which one is better for earning. Both Platform has its own Advantages and Disadvantages.
Here some of the methods are given by which YouTube helps you to earn Money by the following Strategies.

  • Google AdSense – Generally the earing of the YouTube channel is done by Google AdSense because it shows Advertise on your channel. For that, your YouTube Channel must be Monetized then only you will earn. 
  • Affiliate Programming – In the Description box you can add your Affiliate links to the related product. If your affiliate link is related to your video content then the chances of selling that product are very high.
  • Sponsorship – When your YouTube Channel grows and gets so many viewers then you will get many sponsorships. For example, if your channel is related to Tech then you will get sponsorship from many smartphones, Electronic devices.

4. Make Money As Freelancer

In the nearer future, the demand for freelancers will be at the peak. If you don’t know about Freelancer then I am giving a brief intro about it. A freelancer can be anyone who is available for a specific kind of job just on a contract basis. As if I want a Content Writer for my article then I look for a Freelancer and hire it for that only article/project and when it did then I will pay for it. 

The Benefit of Freelancer is that you don’t have to Carry an Employer for a long time. When you need an Employer then hire a Freelancer and after the finishing of the project, you both get unattached. So it is also a good opportunity for the people to be a freelancer and ask the Recruiter to hire. Below I am going to tell you the Platform where you can easily make money in 2021 but you have enough skill so that you can be on expectations of the recruiter.

  • Freelancer.com – It is widely famous world-wide. You can easily register on this website and you have to choose specific skills that you are good at. After that, Your skill-related jobs will be shown on your dashboard. You have to bid on that particular project to get that project. In the Initial time, it would be very tough for you to get the project because you have to build a perfect portfolio on your profile and better reviews. But when your profile gets all of that it would be easier for you to get the project.
  • Fiverr.com – After Freelancer it is also very popular where you can easily register on it and you can post your job and also you can bid for any job. In this, you have to make a gig on your dashboard where all of your packages are mentioned so that the Recruiter can see and decide it very easily. You can search for any kind of job here from Photo editing to programming, all are there.
  • Upwork.com – This is also a very popular website and most recommend for beginners. Freelancer and Fiverr are widely used by many people and you can see a tough competition there. If you are a beginner then My Recommendation is to start with this platform. In the beginning, you have to keep patience and work consistently because most of the beginners quit after some time of their start.

5. Earn By Trading/Stock Marketing

This is the only easiest way to make money online in 2021 by Trading where you can earn a generate a handsome money by investing a very low amount. But this is just like Gambling, you can also lose your money if you don’t have a perfect strategy. In this platform, you should have a great knowledge of Trading and Stock Marketing because if you have a little knowledge then you could lose all of your money so Beware of it !!

There are some procedures by which you can trade online and earn money such as you t should have your Demat Account (used for Trading). If you don’t have any Demat Account then don’t worry about it, there are many Service provider there which will open your Demat Account and Guide you for Trading/Stock Marketing.

I repeat, this is the easiest way to make money online in 2021 but this platform is Highly-Risky. You should have very good knowledge of this field before you start trading. Below I am going to tell some of the platforms where you can do live trading with Free Coins so that you can learn how to trade. After practicing you can trade with your real money and earn money online.

  • Binomo – You can download the app from the google play store and you don’t have to open any Demat account for it. Simply you can register with it and start trading with a very low investment of $5. This is a trusted Platform and you can easily withdraw your all amount directly into your Bank Account.
  • Olymp – This is the same as Binomo where you have to just download the App from the google play store or App Store. You have to simply register for it and you can start earning online with little investment as low as $10. They both provide you with Intraday trading also where you can trade in real-time and earn money at the same time your guess goes Right!!
  • Angel Broking – For this Trading Platform you should have a Demat Account by which you can Trade. Its App is also available for both the users(Android/iOS). You will get Customer Support and Expert Advice that will help you to decide which trading is good for you or not.

6. Earn From Domain Re-selling

This program was very popular in the last decade where people were not aware of domains. In this program, people used to purchase the domain name and after some time they sell it at a higher cost. This program is the same as Property dealing where people Dealer purchases any piece of land and later sell it at a higher rate according to their demand. This concept is also known as Cash-Parking and with this program, many people have earned money a lot. The cost of purchasing a domain in the current scenario is about Rs.500 but it can be sold out in lakhs, depending upon the craze and requirement of it.

With this program, you can easily make money online in 2021 also but there is tough competition in it and you have to keep patience for it because it can take a very long time to sell out your domain. You will not get the quick result of this program that’s why I make this program at number 6 of the List. Below I have mentioned some Domain Seller Name where you can register and purchase the domain if you want to make money online through this program.

  • Hostinger – This is the Cheap and Best Domain Reselling Platform where you can purchase any domain with .com, .in, .co.in, .org, .xyz, etc at cheap rates. This Platform is also available for Affiliate Program where you can promote their Hosting Program.
  • GoDaddy – The concept of Cash-Parking is introduced by GoDaddy which is an Indian Company. In the previous Decade, many users have registered with GoDaddy and applied for that Program and easily make money to a higher extent. 
  • Siteground – Siteground has better performance where you can use it for your hosting also. This platform is a little costly as the other platform. You can also purchase a domain from this site which is a trusted website and used by many professionals worldwide.



Every second student wants to earn online and fulfill their dreams and requirements. After the introduction of 4G services in India, the usability of Internet access has been increased. Everyone wants the Easiest way to make money online in 2021 and further but they all have the same problem that’s why they mostly get failed and end up thinking that making money online is not possible.

Below I am going to mention some of the points that you should have to focus on to avoid failure and Wasting Your Time. If you will get over it then you will definitely make money online in 2021 if you start soon.

If you are confused enough that What is the best way to earn money online in 2021? or with which one you should start first? Then you can simply start with Content Writing. In this, you should only have a good knowledge of writing. If you have known multiple languages then it is a plus point for you. Content writing can be done in any language such as English, Hindi, Tamil, etc. But if you are comfortable with the English Language then it will help you more because you can get International Clients also.

how to make money online in 2021

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