how to get google adsense approval in 2020

How to get Google Adsense Approval? Best Strategy for Instant Approval 2023

What is Google AdSense Network and How to get Google AdSense Approval in 2022?

‘How to Get Google AdSense Approval?’ Most of you are already aware of Google AdSense Network but only a few of them know how does Google AdSense work? For getting approval from Adsense you should also have some basic information that can be helpful for you. Keep in mind you will not get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute until you have fulfil the required criteria. 

Google AdSense is Advertising Network of Google that works on the basis of CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per thousand Impressions). When any website got the approval from Google Ad Sense then it will be applicable to show ads on their websites. When your website showing ads then you will generate the revenue on the basis of CPM and CPC.

If anyone clicks on the ad banner then according to that Ad rate your revenue will be generated and on the second way when your ads will be shown up to 1000 people then you will generate revenue on that CPM rate. Both CPM and CPC Ads rate are not identical and always changes according to the market rate. So don’t think only knowing about, How to get Google Adsense Approval will work for you until you work harder. So below you will read What is Adsense and Adsense Approval Trick ?

Why You Need Google AdSense Approval?

There is a variety of Ads Platform (google adsense alternative) Available in the market, which are the best alternative of Google AdSense but why you have decided to take approval only from Google Adsense?

The Answer is quite simple, Google is a Brand in itself and Everybody wants to collaborate with Google AdSense. If you got Approval from Google AdSense then you can generate a huge amount of revenue from your website. Nowadays taking approval is not much easy, you should have to follow some criteria that google clearly mentioned in their Terms and Conditions. In this article, you will surely know how to get Google Adsense Approval easily.

Most of the Blogger wants everything in very fast manner. In the Initial days of their blogging they want everything such as huge traffic and great Revenue but if you don’t have any patience then Blogging is not for you.

Here in this article, I will tell you the Best Strategy for Instant Approval without any Hindrance. Don’t Skip any point otherwise you Google AdSense Approval will disapprove and you have to give extra time to re-apply it and it will also take about 2 weeks to notify you. First you have to Create adsense account 

Write high quality and high quantity contents

If you are not a professional blogger or content writer then definitely in the initials days of your blogging your primary focus would be writing and publishing the blog post, not on the content length and the quality of content.

It is very common for any beginner in blogging field but you don’t have to worry about this. Unlike on YouTube, you can change you content and update it anytime after it is published. 


Always make your content at least 300 words. But in my recommendation try to make more than 500 words because that will also reduce your Bounce-Rate and the chances to rank in Google will also increase. 

What is IP Address
IP Address and MAC Possbile

Sufficient posts on the website

Don’t be in Hurry to know, How to get Google AdSense Approval. If your website consists of very few amounts of Blog post then you will be notified only ” Google Adsense waiting for Approval “. 

You have to be very consistent and have to post blogs on a regular time interval because Google AdSense Team reviews your website and if you are not consistent in posting new blogs then it will not approve.

You should have to write a 25-30 blog post before applying for AdSense otherwise it will trigger a message with ” No Content ” Error and your request will be disapproved.

Also, If you get the approval be consistent on writing and publishing the blog post otherwise it will ban your Active AdSense Account.

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Don't use illegal content on your website

Google Ad Sense has some basic guidelines, according to which you can not have the illegal content on your website such as pornography, child abuse, Illegal product selling, Gambling, etc. 

Google is not friendly with this kind of content and if your website consists of any of these kinds of content then you should try some other Alternative of Google Ad Sense.

how to get google adsense approval trick

Your website should have contains these pages

About Us

You have to clearly mention that what is your website is all about and you can share your journey and the author's biography in it.

adsense approval in 1 minute

Privacy Policy

It is the most important page among all. You have to make very clear this page and use it on your website otherwise you will not get approval from Google Ad Sense. If you don't know how to create then google it.

Terms and Conditions

This page is created to show the basic terms and conditions that are applicable for any website displaying ads on it. You should have this one also.


This page generally represents the rights and obligation. Your website should have this page before applying for approval.

Contact Us

You have to insert a contact us form in it where the visitor can put their Name, email address, and Message. So that if they need to contact you they can simply fill the form and describe their issue.

Affiliate Disclosure

This is an optional page. If you are using an affiliate link on your websites such as Amazon or Flipkart then you have to mention that on this page.

Submit sitemap to google search console

If you are using Yoast Plugin for SEO then it has also an option for XML sitemap that automatically generate the sitemap of the website otherwise you can install plugin “Sitemap Generator” and it will automatically generates the sitemap of your website. If you don’t know how to check that your website is having generated sitemap or not then simply put sitemap.xml after your domain name and it will show you the sitemap if it is already generated.

For Example, If your domain name is then in the address bar put and if your website is already generated then it shows there otherwise it will trigger an error page.

If your website is having the sitemap then simply submit that URL in the Google Search Console under the Sitemap section.

adsense approval in 1 minute
What is IP Address

Avoid copyright content and images

If you are not writing your content yourself and try to copy the content from the already existed website or you spin the words to make it unique then Google will not approve your AdSense Network and it will show an error with “Scrapped Content“. 

You should also use the copyright-free images on your website otherwise a copyright strike will be applied to your website and google will penalize your website and it will not give you Approval.

If you don’t know how to use copyright free images then you should try some websites that provide copyright-free images such as,, etc.

Use responsive and light color theme

Google Ad Sense recommends a Responsive theme and also with a light color theme that looks pretty attractive to its users. You will find a variety of responsive themes in WordPress.

Use proper spacing and attractive theme that attracts its visitors because websites with dark background have a very high chance of gaining bounce-back from its visitors. 

What is IP Address
IP Address and MAC Possbile

Remove other ads network

There is a variety of google adsense alternative or Ads Networks are available and one of them is Adsterra. But If you don’t use any other Ads Network on your website while applying for Google Ad Sense then the chances of getting approval are quite high.

You can use some of the other Ads Network with Google Adsense at a time on one website. But not everyone, you have to read the terms and conditions before using both the Ads Network in one single website or any other google adsense alternative.

Buy top-level domain for your website

If you want to establish your own domain name instead of Blogger then always buy Top-Level Domain for your website otherwise you will not get the approval for it.

Some of the Top-Level Domains are .com, .in, .org,, etc. If you want to earn good revenue then don’t compromise with domain as it plays a very important role for your website.

Make sure the name you are using in your domain name doesn’t have any copyright or Patent tag with it otherwise you have to purchase a new one. 

For Example, you can’t use amazon, flipkart, paytm, instagram, etc kind of words as prefix or postfix in your domain name. Read the Terms and Condition before buying any domain if you are planning to buy such kind of domain name.

how to get google adsense approval trick
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Techno vedant also described it very well

Techno Vedant, A YouTuber in his YouTube video giving the suggestion and the tips about, How to Get Google Adsense Approval?


  • How Much Time Does It take to get Google Adsense Approve?

Due to COVID-19, Google Adsense Approval takes some time. You have to wait for at least 2 weeks to get the response from AdSense so don’t be panic about it. AdSense team will review your website and will notify you definitely.

Don’t be in hurry applying for AdSense because if you don’t follow all the above guidelines then you have to wait for 2 weeks as well as you will not get approval so you have to re-apply for that.

  • What if My website has not enough Visitors or Traffic?

Don’t worry about the visitors because Google Adsense doesn’t have any criteria regarding the number of visitors to your website, unlike YouTube. You can apply with the least number of visitors on your website but your websites should have enough content with good length.

  • Is there any Possibility of getting AdSense Account Suspend after its Approval? 

Yes, it is possible to get suspend your Adsense account after its approval only when you violate any guidelines of Google Ad Sense. So also make sure to be consistent in posting new blogs and maintaining the criteria of Google Adsense.

  • How Much we can earn per 1000 Blog post views?

It is not fixed because generating revenue is based on many criteria such as which niche and the keyword you are using and for that particular keyword what is the present time CPC and CPM? Also, what is the region/country where your ads have been displayed. 

There are variety of factors on which revenue is generated so it is not fixed but it is more than YouTube per 1000 views. Because YouTube Ads are not displaying on every view, unlike Blogs. If you have any doubt regarding, How to get Google Adsense Approval then comment below!

"If you are a beginner in blogging then don't go for high CPC keywords, go for low competition keywords even if its CPC is very low "
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