WordPress Mistakes

7 Mistakes Every Beginner WordPress Users Make

Are You A Beginner In WordPress?

It is very common to have mistakes in Blogging in the initial days. Most of the Beginner unintentionally made many mistakes in WordPress due to which they have to face some serious problems. In most cases, Blogger lost their data because they don’t have the backup of their blog post.

In this article, we will discuss the common WordPress mistakes that every blogger generally made in the initial period of their blogging. Every Blogger wants to gain traffic to their website and for that, they go through YouTube and other blogger’s Advice and apply their tips to their Blogs.

Some of the tips became beneficial for their Website but some advice will become the biggest mistake of any blogger in WordPress. The most common mistake that they do is that they install various Plugins to their WordPress Website and due to which their overall performance of the website will load down.

This Article is not only for those who use WordPress but also for those who use Blogger Platform for Blogging because it will guide them if they want to come to WordPress so that they can aware of which mistakes they should avoid for improving the website’s overall performance.

If you are not doing any Mistake in Blogging, then you are on the wrong path.

7 Mistakes WordPress beginner make

1.Using Many Plugins

Everyone wants to gain traffic and user attention to their blog post and for that, they started searching on YouTube and google. They follow all the advice from the different bloggers and apply that in their blog post. In most of the suggestion, they end-up with installing many plugins to their website to improve functionality.

No Doubt, Many of the plugins help us to enable many of the functionality and make our work easier, and for only this WordPress features many of the blogger switch from Blogger platform to the WordPress platform. But Excess of anything is bad so if you are using many plugins in your WordPress then It will load and slow down the render process of your website and you have to hire Best Software Development Company to boost your website.

WordPress Beginners Mistakes

In simple words, When you install many plugins in your WordPress Website then it will slow down your Website Page Load Speed and due to which Chances of Bounce Rate will increases. This will invert your expectation, i.e, In the hope of gaining traffic to your website you will end up losing your audience. So never use too many plugins in your WordPress Website. Use as much as you need them or remove the least using plugins.

2.Avoiding Permalinks

A Permalink is a custom link which is set by the author of the blog. It is the part of your complete URL that is embedded after your domain name.

This is one of the common mistakes that are applicable in both the WordPress and the Blogger Website. Most of the Noob Blogger did this mistake in each and every post. They actually don’t aware of this functionality.

Permalinks play a very important role for SEO purposes. Without Permalinks, no one can achieve better On-Page SEO. Mostly new Blogger set the permalinks settings to the default one that should be changed.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and change your permalinks settings to “https://abcd.com/sample-post/” format as given below.

Wordpress mistakes

3.Avoiding WordPress Updates

It is very very essential to keep updating your WordPress and other Plugins. If you don’t make your plugins and WordPress up-to-date then hackers may attack into your website using the vulnerabilities of your website. 

By Updating it you simply fix that bugs or close the back door from which hackers may try attack into your website. Also, If you do this silly Mistakes in WordPress Platform then for security purposes your website will be temporarily banned and that will impact your audience. 

Always check your updates on a regular basis and keep updating it to avoid any serious bad impact on your website as most of the Beginner do this Mistake in WordPress.

If you want to know which is the best platform for blogging Read this WordPress vs Blogger

4.Not Using a Strong Password

For the sake of convenience, We use an easy default password. In most cases, the password for the WordPress Website is same as the other social media handles. Most of them also use, the combinations of their name and birth date.

This kind of combination is very easy for the hacker to crack. Beginners are unaware of the Password Hacking Techniques that’s why they don’t use strong passwords.

Because of this the chances of stealing your website is quite “HIGH“. To avoid such kind of risk you should always use a strong password that consists alphanumeric value and special characters in it and also you should have to change it on a regular time interval.

5. Not Backing-up often

Have you imagined what will happen if you lose all your data and never retrieved it? This is the worst situation so never let this situation come. Always back-up your website on a regular basis in a fixed interval of time such as once in a week.

There are many plugins available for that that can create a backup of your website and also export to your google drive or make a downloadable file that you can store on your computer.

I personally recommend two plugins for Backup of your website i.e, All-in-One WP migration and Updraft Plus. These two plugins are used by over the millions of people and have such high ratings. Its interface is also very easy that you and easily use it.

6.Publishing Incomplete Pages

Every Blogger in their Initial days have done the same mistake because they don’t aware of it. Generally in the Beginning we don’t have much knowledge about the SEO and the Writing Techniques that’s why we only focus about to write and publish a blog post that’s it !!

Due to which many of the Blog posts contain irrelevant content or short content (basically less than 300 words). When any visitor comes to your website then because of this they suddenly bounce-back from your website.

If the Bounce-Back score of your website is high then Google will not rank your content in its top pages and also it will make an impact on your traffic. So always make sure to have a relevant and good quantity of content on your website so that visitors will spend more and more time on your website.

7.Making Bad Backlinks

It is true that building up backlinks will enhance your website authority. When any Beginners know about Backlinks then they find a simple and easiest way to building up backlinks. They paste their post URL in the 3rd-Party Websites and also on the Blacklisted Websites unintentionally. 

As a result of which, they get bad responses and negative impact on their website. Building-up Bad backlinks will make a bad impression and lower your domain authority. This will damage your blog traffic and Google can also penalize your website.

If you want to build Backlinks then contact with good authority websites and do Guest Posting which has High Domain Authority Value.

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Bonus Tips for WordPress Beginner

Always analyze your website for the issues and warnings in it. You can use Semrush as a Free version where you can Audit your Website absolutely Free. This Free version is also very helpful and provides you the data about the vulnerabilities of your website.

Also, check for the Broken Links or Dead Links on your website because these are the links present in your website that after clicking on which browser will trigger an Error Page 404. If you don’t know how to fix Error Page 404 then Read This.

Learn From Your Mistakes.

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