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what is brute force attack

What is Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Attack? | Password Cracking |

Definition Of Brute Force Attack

Brute Force Attack can be defined as, It is a part of the hacking technique that works upon the Trail and Error Method for cracking user id and passwords. In Brute Force Attack, Attacker uses a list of different combinations that exploit upon the target to crack the exact combinations. Below in this Article, you will find about in detail What is Brute Force Attack? How do the Brute Force Attack works? and tools used by Attackers in this hacking technique.​

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Let’s Suppose you want to hack or crack user id and passwords of any admin panel or social accounts. Maybe you have some clue of their user id or password then by using this kind of attack you will able to find out the exact combination of their user id and passwords. The list used in this attack has a very large number of combinations. This combination is in the form of Alphabets, Alpha-Numeric, Numeric, and special characters.

 In this Attack, it takes time to crack the exact combinations and depends upon the size of the password or user name. If you want to know only the password then this attack requires less time in comparison with if you want to know user name and password. 

If the length of the password of the target is less then it requires less time and vice-versa. Therefore, it is always advisable to make your password strong because it takes more time to crack it.

  • Trial and Error Method
  • Guessing the victim’s Credentials
  • The Requirement of Username List and Password List
type of brute force attack

What is a Dictionary Attack?

Similarly, This is like the Brute Force Attack but the major difference in this Attack is the combinations used for cracking the password is based on the combinations found in Dictionary. As for Example, It only uses combinations such as Apple, Bat, Ball, Carpenter, etc.

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Difference Between Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Attack

Brute Force Attack

  • In this type of Attack, All the possible combinations are used for Cracking the Credentials.
  •  Example : Apple, APPle, ApPle$, Applesde%$

Dictionary Attack

  • In this type of Attack, All the possible combinations are used that are dictionary words for cracking the credentials.
  • Example : Apple, bat, ball, Cat, Elephant.

Tools Used For Attacks

  • Hydra
  • Metasploit
  • Air Crack
  • Medusa
  • John The Ripper

How Does Brute Force Attack Works?

For doing the Brute Force Attack, we need a tool to do the implementation for guessing the credential of the victim. This tool mainly works in Kali Linux Operating System. Let’s Suppose you choose “Hydra” tool for exploitation then you have to put the list into it by using some commands. After that, you have to put the target where these implementation will work upon. It will take time depends upon the length and character used in the credentials. Sometimes, It will take a few days or weeks also because for cracking those exact combinations it will match many different combinations per second.

What is Reverse Brute Force Attack?

In this Hacking Technique, Attackers don’t use any unique target to attack upon. By using this technique, the attacker uses definite combinations of passwords and use it to exploit the user id. 

In other words, the Attacker finds out the user id using the definite sequence of passwords and then find out the right combinations of the user. For example, Attacker wants to finds out the user name with the password “abcd” then it find out the user id with the password “abcd” and then Attacker will get the exact combination of user id and password.

How to Prevent From Attack?

  • By making a long length of Password.
  • Using Special Characters (Mixture of Alpha-Numeric with Special Characters) within your password.
  • Not using the same Password Everywhere.
  • Change Your Password Regularly.
  • Using the Firewall Security to your Account or Website.
  • Make Limited Attempts in your Admin Panel.
  • Give False Positive. (Google, Facebook, Instagram using this method for prevention.)

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